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Yallhands is an HRIS alternative created for business leaders who value employee experience. We provide powerful people operations tools to elevate your organization.

We believe in people.

We believe in people

The most inspirational products and brands are reflections of the stunning human talent that delivers them. When the winds of company culture and business are just right, employees are propelled by their experience and provide the best value to businesses.

We know your challenges.

We know your challenges

As companies scale, their growth demands them to project the perception of being "a great place to work" while aggressively getting bodies into chairs. Unlike the customer journey that is cradled and measured with scientific precision in the sales process, the employee experience after onboarding is assumed favorable until trouble bubbles to the top. Like many others, we too sat in the dreaded HR and legal meetings when we neglected to monitor and nurture the workplace culture. The best intentions become futile in combating the monster that's now towering over your business. It threatens to damage the entire workplace culture and impact operations.

We’ve built the solution.

We've built a solution

Business and results matter, but human beings that power both matter immensely more. We’ve become obsessed and passionate about crafting the most rewarding employee experience with the least amount of hassle. Every day we apply our continuing knowledge to craft specialized tools, so any company keeps attracting the best talent — after they’re hired.