BambooHR Vs. Yallhands

Different focuses meets different needs

BambooHR is the standard solution for SMBs who want platform, but not HR managed services. It excels in setting up operational basics like time-off management, payroll, and even recruiting functions. However, if those functions are already managed at your company, then you're not getting a good value. Yallhands is a platform specifically designed for internal comms and employee engagement. Besides templates, endless customizations let you roll out the people's operations strategy you envision. Compare commonly required features between BambooHR and Yallhands:

Employee Portals
Company Directory
Pulse Surveys
Service Desk and Ticketing System
Advanced Content Management
Company Newsletters and Email Campaigns
Custom Onboarding Automations
Suveys and Polls
Delegate Task Lists
File Storage and Sharing
Automated Org Charts
Choose BambooHR if you seek
Choose Yallhands if you seek
A platform for in-house HR to formalize all the basic operational needs like payrollTo extend your HRIS or PEO strategy with a robust people operations framework
Training and support to learn indepth the features of an HRIS solutionAn intutive workplace culture interface designed for minimal friction
Pricing that's more compeitive then the large corperate HRIS solutionsPaying a fraction of the price of BambooHR and getting exponentially more tools that suit your people operations needs
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