What's better: Google Sites or Yallhands for people operations

A free cloud intranet may cost you much more in the long run.

Google Sites is a free tool with Google Workspace (formally G Suite) that allows anyone to create websites using templates. It's a quick and effective way to stage an internal landing page to share links and content. A great example is for educators to post curriculum and assignments.

What Google Sites does best: Sites offers templates and builder tools make it simple for anyone to create pages that look great and are responsive on mobile devices. Permissions to each site can be customized, so this product excels at building internal resource pages. It's also free for customers already using Google Workspace.

What Google Sites doesn't do so well: Google Sites' simplicity works against it the moment a project starts to add complexity. For example, page-level permissions are impossible, and any additional functionality needs to be embedded or manually coded. Many fundamental features for people operations, such as staging content, employee records, and segmentation, are not possible in Google Sites without extensive development.

Feature Comparison

Google SitesYallhands
Restricted Access
Content Hosting
Personalized Employee Portals
Onboarding Automations
Dense Permission Controls
Rapid Polling
Service Desk and Workflows
Company Directory
Auto Generated Org Charts
Email Campaigns
Employee Recognition


Choose Google Sites if you seekChoose Yallhands if you seek
  • A free tool to make websites
  • A familiar building environment for customer who already use Google Products
  • A suite of features specifically designed for employee engagement and people operations
  • An entire employee and admin experienced that's personalized to drive workplace culture

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Multidisciplined. Just like you.

  • Knowledge Base
  • Company Blog
  • Stock Images
  • Dynamic Content
  • Meta Tags
  • Scheduling
  • Version History
  • Announcements
  • Question and Answer
  • Content Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis

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