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Stop wasting time – embrace a short daily standup meeting agenda

Written by Jennifer Curry

Leadership teams know employees think meetings are a waste of time, which is why they are constantly looking for more effective ways to bring everyone on board. But despite all the promises of Slack, email, Kanban boards, we can find it a hair-pulling struggle to get our teams on the same page. The irony is that the most effective way to stop wasting time in meetings is to have a meeting – one that uses the more efficient daily standup meeting agenda. 

One recent study found that two-thirds (67 percent) of workers believe they spend too much time in meetings, and it negatively impacts their productivity at work. Plus, if you’re a manager, you’re wasting even more time in meetings. According to The Muse, “If you’re a middle manager, it’s likely about 35% of your time, and if you’re in upper management, it can be a whopping 50%.”

Stop doing this to yourself and your team! Get your time and productivity back and promote teambuilding by following a daily standup meeting agenda. 

The Purpose of Daily Standup Meeting

Unlike traditional meetings, daily standup meetings are designed to be short enough for team members to stand for the duration (approximately 5 – 15 minutes). Essentially, these daily meetings work like a sports huddle, where the team shares quick points about their goals. 

Organizational psychologist, Steven Rogelberg, shares in TED Ideas, “Done effectively, short meetings with a focused agenda can have tremendously positive effects. Plus, they align with the existing research on limited human attention spans and fatigue […].” 

Rogelberg continues, “I’ve found that these small investments of time yield big returns. By improving coordination and communication among team members, time is ultimately saved in the form of less rework, more teamwork, more support, and fewer miscommunications to resolve.”

Time saved by having a meeting? That’s why having a daily standup meeting agenda is 100% worth it. 

A Basic Daily Standup Meeting Agenda

Now that you understand the purpose, let’s look at the basic format.

  1. Choose a start time.

  2. Begin with a fun opener (such as a joke, pun, motivational quote, etc.).

  3. Choose the starting person (random selection, last person to arrive, etc.).

  4. Give each team member 1 minute to answer the following three questions:

    • What did you accomplish yesterday?

    • What are your goals for today?

    • What is standing in your way?

  5. Close the meeting (clap, cheer, etc.).

Tips to Make Your Daily Standup Meeting Agenda One Your Team Looks Forward To

The best way to make your team looking forward to the daily standup meeting is to make it effective and efficient. This will help them see that these short daily meetings help them in the long run. Use these pro daily standup meeting agenda tips:

  • Stick with the same place, same time every day.

  • Limit the size of the huddle. If it is too large, it will go too long. Break into divisions if needed.

  • Use the “put a pin in it” approach. If something comes up that needs more discussion, “put a pin in it” (post a note in your virtual workspace). This will help you avoid going overtime.

  • Save problem-solving for after the standup meeting.

  • Have an object that designates the speaker (such as a ball, token, baton).

  • Focus on time-sensitive work. Save

    for another time.

While the meeting should be goal-oriented in nature, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. For example, Rogelberg says, “At, the meeting leader must contribute to the team beer jar if the meeting does not end on time.” Find ways to incentivize your meeting and make it more worthwhile for the whole team. To stay on the pulse of their effectiveness over the long run, use an employee management app to query effectiveness and to measure employee engagement.

Last updated on February 5, 2021

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