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While not copywriters or authors, when business leaders communicate in writing, the tone and message have a hand on the wheel of company culture. Creating content and having it easily accessible to employees is critical regardless if it's technical information on company policies. Creating and posting is only half of the work necessary to make a knowledge base a success. The key to making it impactful is managing the entire system of content always to have it up-to-date. This is the only way teams will retain confidence that it's a good and reliable system.

Instead of a wiki where info typically ages and dies, Yallhands offers a content system engineered for business leaders to keep knowledge more relevant than ever.

Key Features

Personalized: Create variations of similar policies like Paid Sick Leave for different regions, and Yallhands will optimize displaying to each user.

Private and Secure: Content is only accessible within the workspace.

Content Aging Alerts: Automatically flag aging content to update before it becomes obsolete.

Increase Value: Get valuable insights like sentiment and continually expand coverage with Q&A's from your teams.

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