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Keeping employees in-sync with the latest information can first appear simple with free tools or an intranet. But, before long, it can become a hellscape to upkeep. Stakeholders move on, new ambitious leaders take over, and the current aging system's limitations now mean requesting other tools to bridge the gaps. With Yallhands, you skip this horror show with a private workspace with incredible flexibility that can be set up and launched by any business leader within minutes. Go beyond typical content management with tools for polls, surveys, sentiment, service desk tickets, and much more. 

Instead of the typical interface for payroll software, Yallhands elevates the experience by personalizing it for every employee to learn more and take initiative.

Key Features

Personalized: Deliver an experience that employees only see what matters to them.

Transparency: Get anonymous feedback to encourage employees to come forward.

Take Action: Empower teams to take the next steps of common requests themselves.

Learn: Get feedback and hard data to continually improve your organization.

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  • Scheduling
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  • Question and Answer
  • Content Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis
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