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Communication moves at a breakneck speed from the socials to news across the globe, but somehow, the workplace still struggles at the basics. Chugging along with email after email and drowning people in Slack messages, isn’t there a better way?

Of course, there is, and you’re likely already doing it - with your sales teams. For them, email is only one tool of many to use, and using multiple tools with a little bit of effort in smart ways can create pipelines to keep information flowing between talent and management. It’s efficient, and it builds respect and trust between the parties to be more receptive and transparent. By simplifying the technology stack into a user-friendly platform and giving employees an experience to receive and push feedback, it empowers even those with no experience to launch their first successful workplace communications plan.

“Yallhands can tackle it all: an email marketing platform, a knowledge base, a survey tool, even a tip-hotline, at a fraction of the cost and time.”


User Management: One central location to manage your teams from across the company.

Email Campaigns: Send email newsletters can get marketing-grade analytics like open and click rates.

Content Management: Create announcements or long term FAQs that continually keep develop long after content is published.

Digests: Automatically generates a personalized digest of updates to content and team.

Surveys and Polls: Customize a questionnaire or poll that can be anonymous to learn and gain valuable feedback.

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  • Knowledge Base
  • Company Blog
  • Stock Images
  • Dynamic Content
  • Meta Tags
  • Scheduling
  • Version History
  • Announcements
  • Question and Answer
  • Content Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis
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