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An employee's day-to-day work and performance are almost always knowable somehow. Their opinion on their role, their manager, or your organization is another story. While less highlighted, it's typically the latter that drives the long-term business impact of employee retention, workplace culture, motivation, and teamwork. Anonymous surveys have been a tool used by thousands of organizations to discover where disconnects and workplace culture challenges are. After researching the topics and designing surveys, systems need to collect answers fairly and confidentially so employees can feel confident to be open and honest. The agencies and tools to help assist are typically only designed and priced for enterprise, leaving smaller businesses and startups out in the cold.

But with Yallhands, we've made it accessible for any business leader to skip the research and design and instantly launch pulse surveys for common trouble areas in workplace culture.


Hot Topics: Click and launch pulse surveys for over 12 common topics like support, communication, retention, D&I, and much more.

Smart Recurring Scheduling: Surveys continually send and measure topics over time without nagging your teams.

Fun Interface: Yallhands Culture Pilot Surveys feature a whimsical interface that helps encourage completion.

Insights: Numerical scores and a dashboard helps admin isolate culture hotspots early so they can take action.

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